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About Aqualarm

Aqualarm has been in business since 1961, starting as a supplier of alarm systems (bilge, engine overheat, fire and low oil pressure) to the pleasure boat industry. In 1979 Aqualarm developed and patented a new alarm device to interface with the existing systems. This was the Cooling Water Flow Detector, which is truly unique in the Marine industry.

Since 1982 it has been also been marketed to the Pool and Spa industry and the Industrial sector as a Liquid Flow Detector. With the addition of another patented flow detector design in 1989, the range and capacity of the line has a been extended.

The most recent product introductions has been the Smart Switch, a timer device designed so that Aqualarm flow detectors may be used to protect pumps from running dry, and the Smart Bilge Pump Switch which automatically switches the bilge pump on and off.

There are two products nearing market introduction. The Gas and Fume Detector and the Telephone Voice Dialer. The Telephone Voice Dialer will be used in conjunction with existing alarm devices to actually call up to four telephone numbers when activated. The Gas and Fume Detector will fill an important need for Marine safety.

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